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This page has links to many of the world's stock and other major exchanges, and links to other places to search. The page has had a major rewrite in March 1997 and another rewrite in December 1997 as so many more exchanges have come online during the last eighteen months, and the standard of presentation has improved greatly.



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General Stock Exchange Information and other Links

Searching for more?

Several of the stock exchanges have pages with links to others, the best I found were:

Jonathan Halsey also maintains a good Stock Exchanges from around the World page and IfBG also has links to data from Stock Exchanges worldwide.

You can also search in Yahoo for any particular Stock Exchange or other Exchange.

FIBV (International Federation of Stock Exchanges) has a good index with clickable map and contact details of most exchanges.

Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges and the Federation of European Stock Exchanges both have information about (but not WWW links to) their members.

Other Information

The Holt Report provides a daily summary of leading indices for domestic US and overseas markets, as well as currency and precious metals prices. Holt includes a link to the NYSE quote server with a 15-minute delay. The report seems to provide a lot of information for the US and the major overseas indices and currencies.

The PAWWS Financial Network provides some information to registered subscribers (registration is free) and there's a quote server that provides some sort of ticker, but it's very US-based and unintuitive to use.

Stockmaster serves "individual investors on the web with fast delayed stock and mutual fund quotes and historical charts since 1993. All ... services are free to individual investors". It covers US stocks only (I think) but doesn't seem to say so.

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